Guitar Tabs and Books

Some people consider my tabs and CD’s to be quite expensive. I would like to mention that I justify my prices by the amount of work I must put in to creating them. Making music is my only source of income and though it is very rewarding and enjoyable, it is a very difficult business to live from. Please consider that when you purchase something from me you are contributing to the many expenses I must incur to run this website, buy guitar strings, batteries, maintaining and buying studio and camera equipment, audio recording plug-ins and software. Not to mention an average of 14 hour long days editing, and producing in my studio.

Apache – The Shadows Tab And Chords

Atlantis – The Shadows Tab and Chords

Cavatina – Theme From The Deerhunter – The Shadows Tab

Geronimo – The Shadows Tab

Guitar Tango – The Shadows Tab And Chords

Kon Tiki  – The Shadows  Tab

(Ghost) Riders In The Sky – The Shadows Tab And Chords

Shindig – The Shadows Tab And Chords

Sleepwalk – The Shadows Tab –  Live 02 Arena Concert 2009

Telstar – The Shadows Tab

The Foot Tapper – The Shadows Tab And Chords

Theme For Young Lovers – The Shadows Tab And Chords

The Young Ones – The Shadows Tab And Chords in G Major

Wonderful Land – The Shadows Tab

The Shadows Tablature Compilation Booklet Volume 1

Two Minute Tuesday (T.M.T) Lesson Tabs

Double Stops Lesson in C Major Scale

Double Stop lesson video link here