“Having had in excess of 50 on line Skype guitar lessons with you I can recommend the service you provide.
I have tried other tutors in the past but have found your attention to detail tempered with a sense of feeling toward the student to be first class.
I would not have progressed my playing skills without your help.
Thank You”

David C. – United Kingdom

“One of the most magical moments at the beginning of my life in Florence; a heavenly voice singing in a winter night at the Uffizi”

Allegra P. – Florence, Italy


Ti ricordo d’estate mentre suonavi vicino agli Uffizi… la colonna sonora della mia vacanza”

“I remember in the summer you were playing near the Uffizi…the soundtrack of my vacation”

Maria C. M. – Turin, Italy


“I really enjoy your tutorials, particularly the ones on Shadows tunes. Your teaching style is very easy to follow and understand.

Good luck with it Ken, your lessons are some of the best I’ve watched.”

Alex B. – Milton Keynes, UK


“I recall walking down from the Piazza Michelangelo one beautiful night on my first visit to Florence and hearing some wonderful music in the distance.

I followed my ears and found you playing outside the Uffizi. Very enjoyable evening. Still enjoying your CD’s”

Eric J. – Oregon, USA


“I’m 70 years old & been taking lessons for almost 2 yrs. ¬†Your lesson on “Riders” is absolutely the best & I’m learning it faster than I thought possible.”

Zadie M.


“Superbly taught Ken! The best lesson I’ve seen of this great tune by Hank & the Shads.
The fretboard close ups & your gradual way of demonstrating the component sections makes all the difference.
Hope that you find the time to make more Shadows classics
Thanks for the great lesson. Cheers! Dilip”

Dilip T.


“The best so far …please keep it up ….couldn’t have done without you …you are a true teacher…God Bless you”